Jackson Stone Band has been a professional act performing their own original music as well as country rock, blues, and classic rock hits for over three decades. The band has played as an opener for national touring acts in country, rock, southern rock, and blues genres. Jackson Stone is geared for hard driving country rocking performance that touches on all of their heroes Hank Williams Jr. Lynyrd Skynyrd, 38 Special, Waylon, Allman Brothers, Marshall Tucker, Charlie Daniels, Eric Clapton, ZZ Top, Bob Seger, Pink Floyd and many more. Jackson Stone Band music has reached audiences all over the world since 2004 and has made a small nitch in the music scene as a new and upcoming Southern Rock band that plays good old music played from the heart with gravely vocals soulful lead guitars, searing b-3 organ and honky tonkin’ piano, hard hitting rock drums, and driving bass guitar. Their songs tell stories about being raised in the country, good times, good friends and playing rock n roll.The musicians in this band all have similar but different musical influences but together they have struck on a style that is their own magic that is the Jackson Stone Band.


Busting' heads and breaking' hearts all across America, David Verno Jr. Has been at the forefront of southern rock guitar for three decades. His innovative and stylish songwriting has thrilled audiences throughout the USA.

His gravely voice exudes both the raw power of a hard rock anthem as well as the sorrow of a man lost in heartache, driving the temperature of any sized venue to a steamy southern like atmosphere that warms the soul of fans and promoters alike.

Gregory Doan: Lead Guitar/Vocals

Veteran Rocker playing Slide Guitar, Texas Blues Rock style riffs, and adding harmony leads to Jackson Stone Band. Gregory takes this band into another dimension with his vast experience, stage presence and performance. Playing from the heart and delivering raw emotion. Powerful performance that gives the audience the experience they have longed for since there first rock concert back in the day.


Craigs vast experience and eclectic style provide the ambience that help make a JSB performance an unforgettable experience.

His searing B-3 organ, piano and various other keyboards compliment and enhance the High Energy Southern Rock music that JSB is known for around the world. His vast experience and innovative style are a welcome addition to the JSB lineup.


Steve Romine’s highly energetic stage antics and rock solid bass playing make Steve a perfect fit for The Jackson Stone Band. A veteran rock bassist since the 80s Bay Area rock wars where he first encountered David Verno Jr. at 17 years old when Jackson Stone Band was first signed with Ossum Possum Records. Steve took to the music of JSB like it was in his bones.


Jefferson Davis supplies the thundering drums, which drive The Jackson Stone Band. Davis is a forty year veteran and a national touring drummer for over twenty five years. Jeff lights the fire and drives this high-energy southern rock band like a runaway freight train. Guaranteed to get you motor running. Jeff has played for Jackson Stone Band since 2001.

David Verno Jr. formed Jackson Stone Band at the age of seventeen when he signed his first recording contract with Ossum Possum Records and released his first 45 record under A&M  Records a song that was written about a abducted child


“Amber Swartz Garcia”

“Have You Seen Their Faces”


Since then the band has released two CDs and a Live Concert DVD and gained the interest and respect of the industry worldwide.


The Jackson Stone Band is currently recording their third album at Prairie Sun Recording Studios in Cotati, California with veteran producer Tim Gennert.

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